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Many times in our lifetime, we will experience a "foreign body sensation" in our eye. That usually happens if the wind blows dust, an allergen or a foreign body into our eye or under an eyelid. This should not be dismissed as just an uncomfortable feeling. It needs to be remedied. For many, the feeling of grittiness, dryness, burning or stinging or even excessive tearing cannot be relieved simply or with over-the-counter methods. It may be the sign of a chronic condition known as dry eye syndrome. Yes, even tearing eyes are a sign of dry eye.

The tears your eyes produce are necessary for overall eye health and clear vision. Dry eye means that your eyes do not produce enough tears or that they produce tears that do not have the proper chemical composition. Often, dry eye is part of the natural aging process. It can also be caused by blinking or eyelid problems, medications like antihistamines, oral contraceptives and antidepressants, a dry climate, wind and dust, general health problems like arthritis or Sjogren's syndrome and chemical or thermal burns to your eyes.

If you have dry eye, your symptoms may include:

  • Irritated, scratchy, dry, uncomfortable or red eyes
  • A burning sensation
  • Excessive tearing
  • Blurred vision
  • A feeling of something foreign in your eyes

Excessive dry eyes may damage eye tissue, scar your cornea (the front covering of your eyes), impair vision and make contact lens wear difficult.

If you have symptoms of dry eye, see us immediately for a comprehensive examination. Dry eye cannot be cured, but we may be able to prescribe a treatment plan to maximize your vision and your ocular health. Some treatments that we might prescribe include using artificial tears or using a moisturizing ointment, especially at bedtime. In some cases, small plugs are inserted in the corner of the eyes to slow tear drainage. Sometimes, surgical closure of the drainage ducts may be recommended.

Common ocular disorders

The two most commonly encountered ocular surface disorders are tear film disorders and blepharitis. Additional subclassifications include those dry-eye states associated with systemic connective tissue disorders, specifically Sjogren's syndrome. With regard to lipid deficient tear-film disorders, the involvement of meibomian gland dysfunction has been proposed.

An estimated one-fifth of visits to eye care practitioners are related to ocular complaints secondary to dry eye, and as many as 25 percent of American adults may be affected by dry eye or have dry eye symptoms. These statistics indicate a significant need for access to professional care.

We perform specific tests to assist in differentiating the various forms of tear film abnormalities and identifying potential treatment strategies. Careful clinical observation, accurate diagnosis and appropriate intervention can eliminate or minimize the deleterious effects of ocular surface disorders on the quality of life.

Our drye eye patients come to us from Lowell, Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, Peabody, Swampscott and North Shore Boston in Essex County, MA. We provide the following products and services:

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At Banville Optical, we can help you with your dry eye condition. Call us at (978) 745-2774 or fill out our online Request an Appointment to schedule a consultation with an eye doctor. Come visit us at our Salem, MA office.

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